Once again the MTP Safety Committee used National Safety Month to bring safety issues and concerns to the attention of our employees. The Safety Committee chose subjects that are related to our working condition here at Metal-Tech Partners. The Safety Committee also gave our employees information and statistics that they could relate to in their day to day activities at work and at home. The Safety Committee addressed how unsafe acts cause financial, mental, and physical stress to their family, their coworkers, and their company.

According to International Labor Organization, every 15 seconds 153 workers have a work related accident. That is nearly 882,000 people in a 24 hour period.

The first week of June, the Safety Committee focused on Preventing slips, trips, and falls. They passed out flyers that covered causes and ways to prevent unnecessary falls. Since it was the morning break everyone received donuts.

The second week the Safety Committee focused on Employee Wellness. They discussed the importance of wearing proper clothing & safety equipment as related to your job. They explained how taking care of yourself plays a big part in their work performance. If you are sick or hurt you cannot perform well at work or cannot work at all. That effects your family, finances, coworkers, and the company. The Safety Committee passed out water bottles to all employees and talked about the importance of staying hydrated.

The third week the Safety Committee talked about Emergency Preparedness. They passed out maps showing the route to our designated shelter in case of tornados and severe storms. They also discussed where to meet as we evacuate the building in case of an emergency such as a fire. All employees were treated to an ice cream bar.

The fourth and final week of National Safety Month the Safety Committee discussed ergonomics with the employees. Ergonomics is designed to help workers to arrange their workspace so they can work efficiently and safely. They discussed risk factors caused by the environment and equipment around employees work areas. They also talked about repetitive movements caused by ergonomics conditions such as increase in workload or vibrating tools. To wrap up National Safety Month MTP held a barbeque for employees and handed out grill sets to show our appreciation for their hard work.

Our Metal-Tech Partners Safety Committee strives to bring awareness to the company and the employees so our employees can have a safe and positive work environment as defined in our Quality Objectives.