Sub Cabinet Assemblies


Used where customer requires less than a full cabinet
Cabinets are inside secure
14 Ga. cold rolled steel construction
Completely vented

Part No. Weight (Lbs)
ECSC-RACKRD 1.8 Contact for Purchase

Used to convert top 3 rack mounting spaces at 23″ mounting width to 5 rack mounting spaces at 19″ mounting width for management equipment.

Part No. Weight (Lbs)
EC-SUBCA-FG 61 Contact for Purchase

Supports rear of subacabinet and secures cable to each subcabinet

Part No. Weight (Lbs)
EC-MANCB 31 Contact for Purchase

Secures management equipment

Sub cabinets

Part No. Mounting Spaces Weight (Lbs)
ECSC-1/8 3 48 1/8 of cabinet Contact for Purchase
ECSC-1/4 8 69 1/4 of cabinet Contact for Purchase
ECSC-1/2 20 112 1/2 of cabinet Contact for Purchase

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