Double Wide (Enclosures)



ECCAST ————— Set of Casters with Brakes (1000#)
EC01 —————– Extra Mounting Rails for 85” Enclosure (set of 2)
TB3/8-5 ————– 5” x 3/8” Anchoring Rod Kit
ECCBHB-1.0 ———– 1” Hole Plug for 85” Enclosure Knockout
ECCBHB-2.5 ———– 2.5” Hole Plug for 85” Enclosure Knockout
ECPSUL12-15-77 ——- 12 Outlet, 15 Amp Power Strip
ULB620 ————— 8 Outlet, 20 Amp Power Strip
1584H6A1 ————- 6 Outlet, 15 Amp Power Strip
ECFH-85-AC ———– (2 ea.) 600 CFM Fan – Standard for 85” Enclosure
ECDWCRS-F ———— Fixed Shelf
ECDWCRS-F ———— Sliding Shelf

Note: See page 39 for enclosure door options

Special Features

16 ga. steel Construction
Powder coat caint to prevent chipping and scratching
Standard Color gray leatherette w/black leatherette doors
Custom Colors Available Upon Request
Heavy duty hinges
Heavy duty latches (Keyed Alike or Different)
One set of mounting rails and hardware for front and two sets for back
Standard EIA, IBM or WEC 12/24 hole spacing
Rails are fully adjustable front to back
Knockouts in top for cable insertion
Removable floor panel
Fans can be specified to your needs in CFM or DBA ratings and can be mounted in top or back of cabinet
Power strips can be specified to your needs
Leveling feet
Louvered doors
Lift off doors front and rear
Custom sizes available upon request

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